I have enjoyed various forms of motorcycling for the last 26 years. I have worked as an engineer for the semiconductor industry for the better half of my life. I have owned my own business for many years and have a huge passion to give back to the Veteran Community especially to those suffering from combat and non combat related mental health issues. I am privileged to be a part of this organization.  

I was Born In North Carolina and moved around as a Army Brat and Military wife. I will always be a southern girl at heart due to most of my life living in Texas and Tennessee. I spent most of my career as a Nurses assistant and my goal as a board member of VB40A is the betterment of veterans lives .






I was born and raised in Washington state. I’m Currently Serving in Air Force as a TACP. I’ve deployed overseas two times in support of U.S Army Operations. I have a passion for giving back to the Veteran and Adventure motorcycling community. I look forward to sharing my passion to other Veterans in need.


I served in the U.S Army from 1982- 2002. I am a adventure motorcyle riding instructor for PSSOR. I have a huge passion for Adventure Motorcycling and Veterans mental health recovery.

Founder/ Vice President


I searved in the military from, 2000-2006. I deployed to Iraq in, 2003-2004. After my military service was over I worked as an Govt. Contractor in Kuwait from 2009-2010. Once I returned to the states, I worked as a Police Officer for 3 years. I have also been a avid motorcyclist for the last 25 years.