The -22 symbol that we fly represents the reduction of 22 veterans suicides per day. We believe that our organization can play a huge role in reducing these 22 suicides per day through outdoor therapy.

IGY6 OR IGYSIX means Ive got your six(back). The hole concept of Veterans Back 40 Adventure is to have the backs of our veterans. A lot of the times Veterans are the only one's who understand what other veterans go through. Therefore, we have their six.

Veterans Back 40 Adventure's name is derived from several meanings. Veterans Back means that our organization thrives to have their back. Back 40 is normally a training area most veterans, military and outdoorsman can relate too.  Adventure is what we strive to bring to the veterans to.

Our Goal in Veterans Back 40 Adventure is to bring comrodary back to the veteran community. With each adventure we create, we hope to leave the veteran with a long lasting memory and a lifetime friendships with one another.