September 11th

2nd annual 24 Hour memorial Ride -

BMW Motorcycles of Western Oregon and Next Adventure with special guest Veterans Back 40 Adventure. This event encompases three of the best activities (camping, motorcycling, and paddling) into a fun event that's close to Portland.

Next Adventure/Bmw Scappoose Bay Paddle Rally Aug 12th-13th

*If you plan on attending, please utilize the contact section

*If you plan on donating and then riding please utilize the donate button then fill out the contact form.

*We will be making updated announcments through emails provided and through Facebook event updates

The Veterans Back 40 Adventure team will be participating in the Back Country Discovery routes 24 Hour Rally in which we will be attempting to complete the entire BDR in 24 hours. This event was created to raising money to keep our Veterans events absolutely free. This event is for anyone that wants to raise money for the Veterans Back 40 Adventure. Stay tuned in for updates

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July 15th-20th Washington Back Country Discovery Route